The Trust initially came to Pentir for support on their CFO.  We supported this appointment and then the appointment of their Director of HR. 

With 12 schools in East London and Essex, the Trust was looking to complement the school leadership expertise that they already had at the heart of the organisation with professional finance, governance, operations and HR expertise.

Appointing to roles requiring generic skills can create more complexity than the core business of schools and education.  The Trust was open to considering expertise from outside as well as inside the sector given its transferability.  This meant consideration needed to be given to a broad range of advertising media.  It also meant a broad search geography. 

This led to a larger level of interest as candidates considered the possibility of moving into the sector.  In turn, this meant that there was significant benefit in undertaking preliminary interviews and having both a longlist and shortlist.  This ensured that the Trust spent their time with the most appropriate candidates.

Pentir arranged and supported the assessment process and high quality appointments resulted. 

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