Brooke Weston Trust

Appointment of Academy Leaders and support on the Trust's leadership development programme

Pentir have worked with Brooke Weston Trust over a number of years.   We have supported the appointment of Principals, Associate Principals and Vice Principals across the multi-academy Trust.  The context surrounding each appointment has been considered and a candidate attraction strategy agreed and carried out.    Alongside this, we have worked together to develop an appropriate strategy for assessment which is rigorous but also provides potential candidates with real insights into the academy thus giving them the information they need to decide whether this is the right environment for them – this ensures a two way process of appointment. 

This has led to us supporting the Trust in developing a programme for aspiring leaders.  Psychometric assessment is also used to provide further insight into delegates’ natural leadership styles and for identifying areas for development.  We are also working together on succession planning and career management. 

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