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“Recruitment of the best quality leaders underpins successful organisations.  Arguably it is more important now than ever”

Pentir have a wealth of experience of working with Trustees, Academy Leaders and School Governors. In some cases there is clarity about the need and expertise required but sometimes this needs to be teased out. We use a process which enables all voices to be heard and priorities be agreed.

Beyond this, there are many other stakeholders that need to be engaged and listened to when appointing to key leadership roles. In individual schools and academies then the views of senior leaders, middle leaders, staff (teaching and support) as well as students need to be voiced and considered. This takes time but it is key to steering a successful appointment process through to completion.

Such an approach creates an opportunity to engage individuals both within and outside an organisation. However, it is also important to ensure that an assessment process has at its heart a rigour and clarity around what the employing organisation is looking to assess as well as how they are going to measure it. Too many times, processes are entered into where organisations replicate the approach previously used without due consideration to these matters.

Today, more than at any time, there is a need to engage potential candidates. The best leaders can choose their next role. As a result, a personal, targeted approach continues to reap dividends. Time needs to be given to answer “What is attractive about this role?” and “Why is this role attractive to the candidate we really want?”.

In a competitive market place, it is more important than ever that organisations are clear about the proposition they have for any candidate and how this should be communicated.

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