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Appointing high quality individuals has never been more important as organisations strive to innovate and respond to a rapidly changing world. The need to secure the best leaders has never been greater.

In the current climate, organisations, more than ever before, need confidence in the companies they choose to lead their recruitment processes. We recognise the importance of providing a personal service for both our clients and our candidates. An automated, impersonal approach is unlikely to attract the best people. Organisations need to have a well-thought through and considered proposition. Candidates need the reassurance that they are not wasting valuable time. They need to speak to individuals who are knowledgeable and can provide advice and guidance.

School Headhunters London

Our service includes:

Our services are provided by experienced people with extensive track records of appointing to senior roles. Our work is very much search and research led. We believe it is vitally important to put significant effort into identifying and actively headhunting high-quality people, rather than just relying on advertising. It is essential that this work is carried out in an ethical and emotionally sensitive way.

We provide a flexible service which complements the expertise/capacity clients might already have in-house. This flexibility and focusing resources in areas of greatest need, provides value for money.

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Should you have any queries or would like a confidential conversation, please contact Pentir, our advising consultants.